Thursday, December 18, 2008

Playing in the Snow

Playing in the Snow
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A few days ago we went on a second search for springy playground toys, for a photo shoot. There was snow, and Bug decided to play in it. Though he refused to wear both his hat and his "hand socks" (mittens.)

We have had so much snow in the past few days, it's almost unreal! I hope we didn't bring in from MA! :O)

I was supposed to head up to Seattle for a doctor appointment today, but we made it about 2 miles before I decided to head home. So now we're watching movies and staying warm and cozy on the couch! Fun! Hope you are all having a lovely day, wherever you are!

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Shona said...

It's possible you took a good portion of our snow but given the 12" we're supposed to get tomorrow I don't think you took it all. I can try and box some up and send it though, just let me know :)