Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

OK, lots to share today, read on if you dare!

Still plugging away at the Christmas crafting. Yesterday I made nine--nine!--crayon rolls for various little peeps in our lives, and some for the shop. An apron was completed the day before, along with some other goodies that I won't be posting here yet. That leaves me with: 5 knit hats, 2 pairs of handwarmers, 3 (possibly 4) aprons, 2 dishtowels, a quilt (gasp!) Since I am not Super Mom, these will not be done before the actual holiday, so some people will be getting "the idea" or "essence" of their Christmas gifts, in lieu of actual packages to open. Yep, go me! :O)

There has been some baking going on--this week is week 6 of my "no buying commercially made loaves of bread challenge." So far, I've managed to make some good, and some bad, loaves, but all have been mostly finished by my kind family, who puts up with my little quirks and idiosyncrasies so nicely (thanks, Hon!) Bug and I made Christmas cookies the other day. He helped me mix the dough, roll it out, cut the shapes, and decorate! Such a big boy!

I also managed to get some shots for a little photo gig:

OK, still with me? That's all I have to share for now. I'm off to knit at an all-day knitting marathon tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get a few more gifts done. Have a lovely weekend!

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