Saturday, January 31, 2009

End of the Month

(Decided to join the crowd.)

This month I am:

Growing ...
Paper whites, a viny thing which I always forget the name of, and two starts--aloe vera and another vine-y thing) from my friend Pam in Boston (yup, I took them all the way back in my checked suitcase! Nutty much?) Actually, the vine-y start is from a plant which I started in Seattle a few years ago (from an ancient plant of my mom's,) then it was one of the three pots of plants I made my husband drive across the country (along with the two dogs, rat, goldfish, and snail--I took the cat in the plane,) then decided to give to my friend because it's poisonous to cats (and kids) and my cat was REALLY into eating all of my plants, then harfing them up on my floor. OK, enough about plants. :O)

(Huh, that was a really messed up "paragraph." Oh, well.)

Reading ...
The Twilight Saga. And yes, I am currently reading the last one for the second time. I also read Me Talk Pretty One Day, The Alabama Stitch Book (mostly just looked at the pretty pictures,) The Kite Runner, Atonement, Mirror Mirror, and I think a few others which I can't remember. Oh, and all the Parents magazines they keep sending me. Is four in one month a little overkill? I think it is. I don't even have a subscription! And Real Simple, for which I do have a subscription.

Watching ...
I watched Twilight in the theater, and am going back to see it again (I'm obsessed, remember?) I also watched The Other Boleyn Girl, and a ton of Grey's Anatomy and Privileged which were eating up space on the Tivo. Oh, and Bug and I watch Curious George, Sesame Street, Peep and the Big Wide World, Bob the Builder, and Thomas and Friends. Oh, PBS, you are such a good babysitter, I mean channel!

Dreaming ...
Of success at the craft fair next weekend, which I have been preparing for rather obsessively. Handmade takes time, and so far, it has taken a lot of it! :O) Also a nice night out with my husband for Valentine's Day (who wants to babysit???)

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