Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Hospital and CPSIA Lifts Constraints

Whoa, two posts in one day? What, are you crazy?

First, I had to make a rush-trip across the mountains, as my mom is in the hospital. She has diverticulitis and is very sick, but she'll be OK. Bug and I are here visiting Grandma and helping mind the house.

I just found out that the CPSIA has decided to wait a year before putting the testing constraints into effect (and hopefully they can figure out something for small business owners.) Anyway, that means that I can continue to make and sell baby/children items. I'm so excited! Once I get home, I'll be getting started on a few new pairs of baby pants, and hopefully a few more items.

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Carm said...

I'm sorry about your mom. My dad was hospitalized with that back in November. Scary business. He seems to be recovered and is staying the hell away from peanuts (for the love of Pete, he KNEW better... Sheesh!). I hope your mom heals quickly and that your stay there is a good one despite the yucky circumstances.