Monday, February 2, 2009

Spending the Night in the Hospital

Jaimie, Me, Eamon
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This picture has nothing to do with anything. But I like it, so I'm putting it in this post.

I decided to send Bug to Jes' father's house for the night, since I needed a night off. It worked out well, since I'm staying the night in the hospital with my mom, so my dad could get a night of sleep in a real bed. Last I heard, Bug was having a fine time playing with cars. :O)

Mom is doing somewhat better. In addition to the diverticulitis she might have had a few heart attacks. Yep, that's right. My 40-something year-old mom might have had a few (3!) heart attacks. The way I understand it, her EKG said no, her cardiac enzyme tests said possibly, and her doctor said more than likely, given her symptoms. Luckily, most of her problems seem to be in her intestines, rather than her heart. And she said her migraine is gone. Yey!

I just watched the nurse give her an entire battery of medicine. Three IV medications, a few shots, an extra IV line, something to drink, and a few pills. And they took blood and urine samples. Pretty sobering. I think more than anything the heart problems are freaking me out, since my great-grandma died of a heart attack (around 50) and my grandma died (at 50) from complications of her brain tumor. And now we're here. Not that there's any imminent danger, but the thought has definitely crossed my mind. I'm not particularly religious, but I've paused several times near the chapel, and Bug and I have spent some time in there, talking about angels and such.

My 16 year-old sister is doing OK, but I think for awhile her and I were both hovering near the brink of breakdown. It's been so up and down that I don't think there's been time to fully process everything. Maybe once we're out of the danger zone I'll be able to think about it. Until then I'm trying to entertain both her and Bug, and doing my best to keep the mood light.

For now, it's off to (try to) sleep in my lovely hospital chairs. Mom's put on Family Guy!


Katy said...

oh no. I hope everything is ok :(

Penny said...


It's tough when you have a parent in hospital. I hope she gets better soon.