Saturday, January 10, 2009

Exploring Boston

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Bug ad I have spent our vacation exploring Boston and our old neighborhood. Not a whole lot of words today, but pictures for you to enjoy:


Rosie&James said...

I love buttons!

That is all...

Tiny House said...

Me too! But after pawing through all the buttons and picking out the pretty ones, I didn't buy them...will I kick myself later? Quite possibly!

joonbeam said...

Hi! I came here via a shop that hearted both of us ~ found your blog link in your etsy announcement. Did you live in Arlington, MA? Is that the Capitol Theatre? We just moved to Austin from there!

Great blog and shop! I think you have hearted one of my shops ~ I have flying housewife and joonbeam.

I have 3 boys - go boys! - all grown, and a daughter at home. Nice to meet you. Just wondered if we were neighbors or possible crossed paths in metro Boston at some point.



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