Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

I asked Random.org to generate a random integer for me, and they said 12, who is Carm!

Carm said...
I love all the fabric choices. What fun! I guess my favorite is the yellow flowers!

So, Carm, look for an email from me today, so I can get some contact information!

Thanks for playing!

(Oh, and I fully intend to play along with Color Week. Pictures have been taken, and I will post them soon. I'm just trying to do mountains of laundry, and unpack all of our vacation goodies before our house guests arrive tonight.)

(Oh, and I totally RIPPED through Twilight (2.5 hours)...I need the next one rightnow! Seriously, I would like to go to Borders rightnow and buy the whole set. I might just do it. Edward and Bella, I love you.)

1 comment:

Carm said...

I'm thrilled to win your giveaway! And regarding the Stephenie Meyer books... I teach high school English and I've got students reading them like crazy. They are "to die" for! (pun intended!) :)