Saturday, February 28, 2009

February End of the Month

This month I am:

Growing ...
Houseplants. Aloe Vera. I bought seeds for this summer's garden, but haven't planted them yet. That's a project for March. :O)

Reading ...
The Queen's Fool (Phillipa Gregory) So far, so good (I'm about halfway through it.)
I reread the Twilight Saga. Obsessed, I know.

Watching ...
Caillou, Curious George. What? My kid isn't napping, so I can't watch my TV. The Tivo is SERIOUSLY backed up.

Dreaming ...
Of new fabric. And new art. And a good start to losing some weight. And a child who naps.

1 comment:

Pam said...

Seeds! I'm starting some of my early ones now, but the garden is currently under a foot of snow. :-( I can't take it anymore!!!

I used some of your "brief note of thanks" cards this weekend, it made me think of you! They are so cute!

Hope you are taking care!