Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Revelations

Super E!
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My son is an angel. But sometimes I think he's ruling the dark side. We've had the most rough past few weeks. Bug is going through something right now, and his behavior ranges from demon-like to the sweetest angel.

I think he's permanently attached himself to me. He always wants to be held--but only by Mommy. Housework and sewing have fallen by the wayside as we spend nearly every waking moment together, playing, sleeping, eating. Even at mealtimes, he needs to be in my lap. For the past week or so he's only gone to sleep lying in (our) bed with my arms around him. I can't listen to him whack his head on the wall and scream, "want mommy, want to sleep with mommy," all night. I realize that he'll eventually fall asleep if I let him cry it out, but it hurts my heart to do so.

But of course the good always outweighs the bad. And we keep moving on, hoping that he will outgrow this stage soon, always reminding ourselves how much we love this little person. And we look at pictures of him to remember how much our lives have changed--in the best possible way--because of this little human. Of course, the cheeseball face helps.


Simply Stork said...

Hey! we have that same cape...and I think the "dark side" visits here too...and all too often.

good thing they are cute :o)


Kelly said...

things always change & move on, my son certainly went through that phase & now goes to bad happily by himself! it did take a long time to get there, but i felt i did the right thing (i could never do the controlled crying thing) & never wanted too, just be sure that he will grow into a more settled & secure person, knowing he has the love of his mum!