Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Thrift Store is Awesome.

I usually peek in at the Value Village near my house once or twice a month, but I usually don't find anything spectacular. Yesterday, though, I stopped by for a quick look, and found some awesome stuff! They had three bags of vintage spools of thread, which I didn't buy since I have a lot already, and I'm on a budget (sad.)

I did, however, pick up two bags full of ribbons and lace. The first bag had about 15 yards of fantastic woven ribbons, and the second was full of lace. As I was washing it, I pulled out the large piece and nearly peed my's a collar from some OLD dress or another. And there's a sleeve to the same dress. There's also the hemline of a small dress, probably a toddler's. I wonder what the original pieces looked like?

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