Monday, June 1, 2009

Sewing Machine

I'm following along with Sew Mama, Sew's Sewing Machine Month.

What brand and model do you have?

I have a Janome Sewist 509.

How long have you had it?

I've had this machine about a year and a half.

How much does that machine cost (approximately)?

I paid $200, but I believe they (at the time I bought mine) retailed for around $350-ish. I traded in my old machine for store credit, plus shopped around for other offers. I chose the store from which I bought it because they offered free classes for using your new machine. I brought the other offers with me, and asked them to beat the best one.

What types of things do you sew (i.e. quilting, clothing, handbags, home dec projects, etc.)?

I do a lot on my machine--quilting, clothing, bags, plus all the little projects for my shop: zipper pouches, crayon rolls, etc. I've also sewn knits, silk, and heavier materials with this machine.

How much do you sew? How much wear and tear does the machine get?

I sew daily, usually for a few hours at a time.

Do you like/love/hate your machine? Are you ambivalent? Passionate? Does she have a name?

I love my sewing machine. It's simple, yet can do so much. I haven't named my machine (maybe I should hold a naming contest!)

What features does your machine have that work well for you?

I switch the feet a lot. It came with several feet, plus I bought a walking foot and a darning foot. I can drop the feed dogs, which comes in handy when stippling a quilt. There is also an overlock stitch, which I've used with some success. But mostly I use the straight and zig zag stitches.

Is there anything that drives you nuts about your machine? I can't get my son's toddler pants around the long arm, sew it's a bit fussy when I hem his pants (God forbid I sew anything by hand!) I also have to make sure the needle is just past the farthest up it can go before removing sewn fabric, or the bobbin thread tangles with the needle thread. (Did that make sense?)

Do you have a great story to share about your machine (i.e., Found it under the Christmas tree? Dropped it on the kitchen floor? Sewed your fingernail to your zipper?, Got it from your Great Grandma?, etc.!)? We want to hear it!

Nope, no great stories, unfortunately. Though my son would desperately like to sew with it. Come to think of it, there was that one time he pulled all the thread off the spool, then wound it all around my studio. That was so much fun (can you hear the sarcasm???)

Would you recommend the machine to others? Why?

Absolutely--it's a strong machine for a decent price.

What factors do you think are important to consider when looking for a new machine?

I think it's important not to let the salesperson talk you into too much machine. The salespeople I talked to ALL tried to get me to buy "the next step up" machine. One lady was even so insistent that I get the machine that could sew knits, since I'd for sure be mending all of my son's clothing. Turns out this machine does just fine on knits.

Do you have a dream machine?

No, for now this machine does what I need it to do.


Colleen MacDonald said...

How fun to know about your machine. I should show some appreciation for mine, too!

Kandra said...

I'm a bit curious. I have a janome as well, but a different model. Do your stitches (especially the decorative ones) stitch from the bottom up - like on the underside? I'm having a hard time figuring out how to applique with my machine because the pretty stitches are on the underside/bottom of the fabric - not on top where the needle is... its crazy weird.

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