Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still Sick, but Things are Looking Up!

So the kid is still sick. He's been watching Curious George all day, and needing Mommy. Which I can't say I don't's definitely nice to be wanted. Though the last cup of Pedialite seems to be staying down, so hopefully we're on the mend! Now if only I don't get it!

In other news, all this "being housebound" has led to a bit of catching up for me! In between loads of laundry and mopping floors, I've managed to get a little sewing and--gasp--painting done! First up, these are two patchwork bags I made. I was inspired by I'm a Ginger Monkey's Liberty Print Drawstring Bag. I thought all my cute little fabric squares would make cute little bags. And I'm right, if I do say so myself! The taller one is just perfect for my sketchbook, a few pens, a sharpener, and some pencils.

This is a little "sneaky peek" for my Placemat Swap partner, Mary. We agreed to make three placemats each. None of them are completely finished, but I'm working on them in between bouts of "I need you mommy!"

And finally, I'm becoming reacquainted with my old friends, watercolors. I used to love them so much in college, but developed an "affair" with acrylics. Lately I've been into tiny pieces, with somewhat controlled results, rather than my usual "big pieces with lots of wet paint" approach. (I think this is carrying through in lots of aspects of my life, including tiny patchwork squares, doing laundry load by load, and sweeping rather than vacuuming.)


Kat said...

The watercolors are so pretty! You have a definite talent!

edward and lilly said...

Oooh, cute little bags. Would love to see some more of your watercolours too.