Tuesday, August 4, 2009

House Hunting and Making House

House Hunting
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We're at the tail end of a 4.5 month wait for a short sale house. My patience is wearing thin with all the comments: "we should hear from the bank today or tomorrow," "the bank said they'll have a response in 24 hours," and my personal favorite: "the bank's response is that they'll have a response in a few days."

The particular house we're trying to buy has been set to go into foreclosure three times now, but our realtor has managed to get it extended each time. The bank ordered appraisal came back too high, but then again, they didn't get out of their car to see all the messes we would need to fix, clean, or renovate in order to make it a pretty house once again. Our realtor ordered another appraisal, and they've been sitting on the results for over a week now. Our account has been accelerated, and assigned to the highest level negotiator at the bank, and we are literally waiting for a phone call now. Our realtor says it's a go, barring the actual OK from the bank, but we've been told that for the past few weeks. My brain hurts. I just want to know one way or the other.

We've looked at several houses in the meantime, placed offers on and been outbid on two. We've driven and walked the streets in our intended neighborhood, searching for that one hidden sign that hadn't shown up on our daily internet searches. We've visited Ikea and Home Depot, looking at our favorite bathroom and kitchen furniture. We've mentally planned our new bathroom and kitchen, and tallied all the costs of replacing the windows, sheetrock, painting the house, and having it cleaned top to bottom. We've gone on a month-to-month rental agreement with our landlord, hoping we can time the move just right to avoid any extra costs. But I'm sick of making plans in my head.

I want to write lists, pack boxes, scrub walls and floors, paint, and buy a new washer, dryer, and refrigerator. I want to pull out old, overgrown bushes and plan my new garden. I want to hang my clothesline and start my compost bin. I want to bake a loaf of bread in my new kitchen, and soak in my new bathtub. I want to finally paint the mural I've had in my head for years on Eamon's playroom wall. I want to sew and paint in my new studio. Most of all, I want to be free of this feeling of limbo, of not knowing what's happening next, of wondering where my family's future is going to take place. Maybe writing about it to the world will make it happen. Do you believe in magic?

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