Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mini Quilt in a Bag Swap, Round 4

For this round, we sent each other a charm pack of fabric, and were challenged to make a mini quilt that we thought our partner would like. She sent me Swell by Urban Chicks; I sent her Wonderland from MoMo.

This is the front of the quilt I received from Adrienne. I love it! The larger squares are bordered with teeny, tiny squares. So cute!

And this is the back: I love the coordinating fabrics Adrienne chose--I may end up switching the front and the backs every once in awhile once I've placed it on my wall!

This is the front of the quilt I sent her: I appliqued circles, then made sketchy flowers using machine embroidery. They're not the best, but I'm proud of my first try!

And this is the back. I love how the flowers look on the pieced back!

And just because I had lots of fabric scraps left over, I made her a little patchwork drawstring bag. :O)

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Terrie Sandelin said...

both of these quilts are really wonderful. Love the colors and the great energy in the designs.