Sunday, September 13, 2009

E's Rocket Party!

My little boy is turning three this Tuesday, which, of course, is making me a bit emotional. But I am remembering that he is now referred to as a "Big Boy," as I am reminded at least thirteen times a day. So, with a few requests--a giant chocolate cake, a rocket, and friends--I set out to plan his birthday celebration. I tried to keep the party fairly simple this year, but did try to incorporate a bit of a theme--so robots, rockets, and space it was!

A bit of a funny thing: I keep telling E that his birthday is coming, so all this past week, he wanted me to open the door to "let Birthday in!" Ha ha!!!

I hope you enjoy the photos from my baby's--er, Big Boy's--special day!

The Rocket:

The Giant Chocolate Cake:

And friends!

(I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get a good picture of the goody bags, but you'll have to trust me that they were wicked cute!)

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