Friday, October 9, 2009

Buying a House

We are in the process of buying a house--for real this time, our offer has been accepted, and we're scheduling a home inspection for sometime this weekend. I'm feeling confident enough to announce it to my bloggy friends. I think. Wish us luck, OK?

Anyway, I'm starting to think of decorating the space, you know, once we rip out nasty carpets and paint over existing 80's-inspired (or are they actually from the 80's???) walls. I just love, love, love pretty much everything Erin does, and intend to copy at least this idea of hers. Except I'm going to paint E's table and chairs (and desk, when I find the perfect one) glossy tangerine to go with my robin's egg blue studio/playspace walls.

OK, onward I go to execute a baby sprinkle tonight for a very good friend who will, I swear, let me name her soon to be born child Apple. So I can call him or her Caramel Apple. I mean, really, is it so much to ask that I name someone else's baby a totally weird name? Really? (Meanwhile, Cashew, Pecan, and Nibbler are all cringing in the corner.) (Those are our pets, not human children.) (I swear.)

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