Thursday, December 17, 2009

Craft Show Recap

I've had a couple really great shows lately, but I'm so happy to be on a break for awhile. With Christmas just around the corner and family visiting, I feel like I'm running out of time. Eamon has been such a good boy lately, I'm sure Santa will be good to him!

E went with me to his first craft show a few weeks ago, the Indie Banditas Bazaar. He did so well, and I was so proud of him! He spent a lot of time in his "fort."

On another note, I am really digging my latest display for fairs, which is much more simple--less boxes and baskets, and more "just product." I still need to work on it, but I don't have any fairs scheduled for now, so that will wait.

And just so you have something (kind of) funny to think about: today I was running errands with my sister, and forgot to hide a Christmas present for E. Of course when I picked him up from school, he saw it and freaked out. So I told him that Santa asked Mommy to do him a favor and pick up a gift for someone, and that I still needed to wrap it, since because of the recession all the elves have been laid off. (Side note--my sister thinks I'm a total dork.)

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Shona B said...

hahaha I had to do something similar with Sam and her one "big" gift that we got her. She found it while I was packing and I told her it was for her cousin and that if she wanted one she needed to ask mommy, daddy and Santa for one. The best part was a few days later I overheard her saying "mommy, daddy, Santa may i have camera please?" Gotta love 2yr olds :)