Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Slowly Coming Together

Our house is slowly coming together. Room by room, box by box, piece by piece.

Does anyone else feel like they can't do anything if their kitchen is a mess? For me, it's the center--the heart--of our home, and if it's cluttered I can't function. It's a bit like myself--if my heart is cluttered, I start to get depressed. Only a thorough cleansing will make me happy. So, with a bit of sweeping, scrubbing, and general putting away of things, I will slowly begin to be able to function.

* - * - *

Last night was the first night of our Advent calendar (we're a bit slow, what can I say? E doesn't care!) It's definitely more of a "countdown to Christmas" for us, without any religious meaning, but we do add in some conversation about the spirit of the season, etc. Hopefully E will remember the holidays as a time for giving--both things and acts of kindness. For now, it works for us.

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Shona B said...

The first thing I did when we got to CA after moving was unpack the kitchen. It didn't matter that I hadn't slept and needed a nap that kitchen was going to be unpacked come hell or high water. :)