Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Heart Day!
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Happy Valentine's Day! It's a quiet day for us: Daddy is heading up to a movie in Seattle, and I'm still sick. I think my mom and sister will be spending the night tonight on their way home from Portland. So we'll celebrate V-Day later this week with a nice dinner out, when I'm able to eat again.

This past week has been hard--I've been hit with a nasty flu (not of the swine type) which has even warranted a trip to Urgent Care for an IV of fluids to help combat the dehydration. Apparently being sick 12 times in 48 hours depletes the body of, well, everything. Not to mention the weight loss, especially when combined with constant, unrelenting morning sickness. I'm down a total of 14 lbs as of two days ago, and my midwife is none too happy about it. We'll see what happens at my next prenatal visit. I lost 17 lbs with Eamon, and she was threatening to send me to the hospital, so hopefully that's NOT what happens now.

Thankfully, the fetus is OK. There was a little scare involving trace amounts of blood in a test at the UC unit, as well as some (ahem--severe) cramping, but I was able to go home after arguing with the doctor that I *did* promise to lie down and take it easy.

And also thankfully, the boys haven't come down with anything yet, though I am of course waiting for it. Just hoping I'm recovered to take care of them. Jes has been taking very good care of me, letting me sleep all day on the couch or in bed, bringing me juice or food, or comforting me when I'm gagging and sick. And also taking care of the little man.

I am also itching to get back to my sewing machine, as it has been way too long, and I have two upcoming swaps to take care of.

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