Thursday, July 15, 2010

On Bedrest, Yet Again

I love how my midwife told my husband and me that my bedrest this time was partial. And then the nurse told me that means I can get up to shower, eat, and use the potty. I asked how that was partial, and she said I can sit up in bed, rather than lie on my left side the whole time. *Sigh* Only a few more weeks, and I know Baby Boy appreciates it.

But I'm still bored!

I have a basket of knitting, a pile of laundry to fold, a (very overdue) book, my iPod, and my computer. Going to head downstairs to get some hexie fabric (at the suggestion of Heather) in a few minutes, just to shake things up a bit. Oh, and probably my camera card to download a couple hundred photos...

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