Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm off Bedrest!

Watching Shaun the Sheep
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I'm so happy to be off of bedrest. I know it was only for 8 days, but my God, it felt endless. I'm not quite 37 weeks yet, but with all the complications I've been having, plus the major depression which was worsened by bedrest, the midwives agreed that the best course of action was to take me off. So now I get to walk around, in the fresh air, or in stores, like a normal person.

One good thing about my stint with bedrest (well, aside from the fact that the baby is still safe inside me) is that I learned what awesome friends and family we have. We were fed lots of great and healthy food, my house was cleaned (even my toilet was scrubbed one day--only a true friend will do that!) and my kid was taken out to play.

But I'm so glad to be done, and have lots of plans for the next few days (weeks?) if the baby cooperates. Otherwise, we're ready for our new little one to come out! :O)


Desiree Fawn said...

Yay for being off bedrest! Hoping all is well -- thinking of you lots :)

Guizito said...

Hi there! I hope everything is ok you you and your babies :)

Kisses from Portugal

The Clip Cafe said...

I find it amazing how pregnancy affects everyone differently - our bodies are complex and wonderful. Best wishes for your impending birth Kind regards :-)