Saturday, March 12, 2011

12 March, 2011

Outside my window...rain, cars. Seems to be a trend in these parts...

I am thinking...that I need to get in the shower. And eat breakfast. (2 cups of coffee does not a breakfast make.)

I am thankful and friends.

I am wearing...mismatched pajamas and my robe. I'm freezing.

I am take a deep breath and slow down.

I am the Seattle Dog Show to spend time with my family.

I am currently reading...Look Me in The Eyes by John Robison Elder. Fantastic!

I am hoping...that I get some time to knit tonight.

On my mind...laundry. dishes. scrubbing the toilets (ew.)

Noticing that...Eamon is making more and more complicated "starships" out of his legos. I need to buy him more.

Pondering these words..."Mommy, watch this!"

From the kitchen...Costco pizza, Costco lasagna, Costco garlic bread. I'm being very lazy. But I'm feeding 8 people this weekend, so it's allowed.

Around the house...are little piles of clutter that are slooooooowly being put away.

One of my favorite things...Eamon's ability to entertain himself with crazy-fun games involving race cars, starships, R2D2, and his new Hex Bugs. He's all boy.

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