Monday, April 11, 2011

Keeping Me Busy

Fini by Tiny House
Fini, a photo by Tiny House on Flickr.

This little man and his big brother keep me so busy. In the past few months we've had some pretty heavy issues revealed regarding my boys' health, which are difficult to come to terms with, and so so so time consuming. Nothing totally terrible--their immediate health isn't at risk, and they're not in pain, but as their mama my heart breaks a little more with each new diagnosis.

But, chin up, and onward we go, right?

Today was good, after our weekly therapy appointment. We got outside in the sun to rake the garden a bit, in between the hail and rain storms. Eamon and I baked brownies--using walnut oil instead of butter so he could have some too. (It's really good that way--you still get the nutty taste, without any pesky nuts tainting the brownie--yum!)

The baby and I got out to the store for a little while. I bought a tiny Lord Ganesha for my dresser. I like the idea of having obstacles removed from my way, and being propelled on the eternal path. It's a nice idea; comforting.

Speaking of comforting, I just wrapped up the baby in the blanket I finally finished knitting. I love that my boys will always have little bits of their mama around. I hope they feel comforted by them.

Tomorrow--after more doctor visits, I plan to scrub my toilets. Onward on the eternal path, right?


Susanne said...

Omg Jessie, he's SO flippin cute!!!!!!!

LJ said...

Hugs to you and your boys!