Sunday, July 8, 2012


I am lucky to have a husband and kids who support me.

Jes has committed to getting up with the kids 5 days a week so I can work out. And he's completely open to whatever dietary changes. Pretty amazeballs, if you ask me.

My blatantly honest boy is "helping" me remember that I'm losing weight. Several times a day he reminds me that I need to lose "calories" (he's confused about pounds versus calories.) "Because you've gotten fat, right Mommy?"

Sigh. I need to stop talking around him. He retains (and repeats--oops) so much.

But he gives me lots of hugs and kisses, so I suppose it's ok.

And my littlest is always there to give me cuddles and kisses.

Actually, both of my boys are constant reminders of why I'm working hard to get healthy.

In the past week, I've done SIX Crossfit workouts. Intense stuff. I've been eating much cleaner. And I feel better. I have a little more energy, and I feel stronger. It doesn't hurt as much after workouts, which helps immensely.

Today is a day of rest, which is really good because my client's water broke, so I'll be spending the better part of today and tonight at the hospital, helping her have her baby. Also intense, but in an emotionally exhausting way.

Then it's up and at 'em tomorrow morning!

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