Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sewing Summit: Classes

I was super fortunate to get into almost every class I originally wanted! I know a lot of people had problems registering, but honestly, after about 20 minutes of hurried back and forth and entering my credit card a gazillion times (I was only charged for the classes I finally got) I managed to have a crazy-cool schedule!

Friday, I started with the Metal Frame Pouch with Kelly Bowser of Kelby Sews. Unfortunately, her printer had an error so the first one I made was a tiny bit too small for the frame.  Which was a good thing, because even after the third try I couldn't quite get the corners perfect.  But, I ended up with a pouch that I absolutely love, and can't wait to use!  Plus, a few more frames to maybe make some Christmas presents...

My next class was Foundation Paper Piecing with Elizabeth Dackson from Don't Call me Betsy and Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced.  I totally botched my first block!  It was AWFUL!  I hate wasting fabric, and since you already waste a ton of fabric in foundation piecing, I wasted A LOT! But, I'm bound and determined to get this down so I can make cute little blocks like the cool kids do!  I also made one quarter of a string block, which went much better.  I think I want to finish the entire block and make a cute little pillow.

Speaking of the cool kids, I spent my afternoon learning English Paper Piecing from Katy Jones of I'm a Ginger Monkey.  OMG I LOVE her!  I was so shy that I could barely speak to her, but I'm still so excited that I got to refine my english paper piecing skills from one of the best!

I finished out the afternoon in the Mini Quilt with Curves Class, taught by Christina Lane from The Sometimes Crafter.  This might have been my most (sewing) life changing class of all time.  I finally learned how to sew curves WITHOUT PINS!  OMG the revelation!  (Just kidding.  Kind of.) 

Saturday, I spent my first three sessions in lectures, which afforded me the time to finish two of my English Paper Piecing wheels.  I learned all about website design from Melissa Esplin from I Still Love You, successful blogging from Tauni Everett from SNAP! Creativity, and Finishing Details from Anna Graham of Noodlehead.

I finished out my day in the Make 'n' Take a Knit Top with Sunni Standing from A Fashionable Stitch.  She was so sweet to spend some time the night before teaching me how to adjust the pattern to make room for my larger bustline and empty baby house.  My shirt wasn't perfect, but now I'm much more confident sewing knits on a regular machine, and I feel like I can make basic adjustments to simple patterns.

I'm so happy with the classes I took!  I'm excited about all the skills I learned and built upon, and all the super-talented people I met.  I can't wait to finish up projects and re-make others and start making my own!


Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

I've seen everything but I LOVE seeing it all here!! I am also planning on making frame pouches for gifts.

Empty baby house - I was taking a drink of water and almost choked. That is hilarious.

Your shirt is so cool.

And your links are not links? Not sure why though...

Johannah said...

I love it all Jessie thanks for sharing. When I grow up I wanna be crafty like you!

Jessie Keating said...

I fixed the links, I think. They look OK on my computer now. Stupid Blogger! :O)

Yep, my empty baby house is the ban of my existence. Or of my weight loss existence, I guess. :O)

Jessie Keating said...

Haha thanks Johanna! :O)

Fiodhna said...

That freaking paper pieced star was the bane of my existence as well. I totally bleeped it up. I think that I cannot process backwards, weird alignment, and looking through paper all at once - it made my mind want to explode. Awesome on all you accomplished. :) Oh and I loved X100 Christina and the curves class as well. How helpful/wonderful was that gal?!!


Jaimie Noy said...

sounds like so much fun. I would love something like that, but for knitting. I wish i had more patience for sewing. Next time I visit, there must be lessons. :)

Jessie Keating said...

Fi! OMG I FREAKING HATED THAT BLOCK!!! UGH! But I WILL do it again, and correctly. I'm determined.

Jaimie--Lessons of course!