Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sewing Summit: Shopping, Swag, and Sightseeing

Sewing Summit was amazing. In addition to preparing to travel handmade and all the amazing classes, I was able to shop for fabric, was gifted so many goodies, and saw a bit of Salt Lake City with my new friends.

I managed to snag a spot on the Shop Hop bus. We spent all day Thursday travelling around to three local shops . I received a gift certificate to one of the stores, and that in combination with the generous 25% discount helped me keep my spending to a mere $40. I'm pretty sure Jes appreciated that.

I also won and was given a huge amount of swag and fabric: a jelly roll, thread, charm packs, scissors, a sampler pack of so much more that I couldn't fit into the picture, like a new book (Ruby Star wrapping by Melody Miller--OMG!!!,) several magazines, and many patterns. It was all so incredibly overwhelming!

Before our trip, my three roommates and I decided to have a little swap of our own. We each made four of the same item, and then we swapped as soon as we were all there. It was super fun, and I ended up with some pretty great little pieces! I also swapped with my new bestest British friend (who taught me all the naughty English words!) Thank you all so much!!!

Sunday morning, after many people had already headed home, I spent some time wandering Salt Lake City with Leigh Walter. We attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's weekly broadcast, then explored the beautiful campus a bit.

I had such an amazing time at this year's sewing summit. I hope--cross your fingers for me--we can find the money for me to go again next year! What a wonderful tradition to look forward to. But even if it doesn't work out to go again, I will always treasure this amazing trip that I took, the amazing things that I learned, and the amazing people I met.


Lyanna L. said...

I loved getting to meet you - even if it was just for a moment. I hope that we both get to go to sewing summit again next year and we will get a chance to hang out! =)

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

Love the pictures of the city! So cool that you got the chance to do that. :)

Jessie Keating said...

Yes Lyanna! So fun, if even for just a little minute!!!

Tsoniki--I'm so glad I went out and did that. It was super fun, and Leigh and I got to spend a lot of time together too!

Debbie said...

Very fun! It was so nice to meet you!!

Jessie Keating said...

You too Debbie!