Friday, November 9, 2012

Ten Things

A list of ten things for which I'm currently grateful.  In no particular order.  With pictures which have not much to do with them.  Because I like the pictures.  Duh.

1. My boys.  Always my boys.

2. My family's health.  Access to healthcare should we need it.  Recipes to make our own herbal remedies, such as elderberry syrup.

3. A husband who supports me.  Always.  Even when I'm crazy.

4. My chickens, cats, dog.  Even the fish.  Because they all bring me joy on a daily basis.

5. My house, and all the things inside it that make me happy.

6. My husband's ability to work hard and provide well for our family.

7. Travel.  I love seeing new places.  So excited to plan a few trips.

8. Living close enough to family that we can see them when we want.

9. Family that is willing to help when we need it.

10. The ability to cook nourishing food, and to adapt to the needs of my sensory kiddos.

I may be in and out of this space over the next week or two.  My surgery is Monday; wish me luck!


Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

I love that the picture when you mention your husband is a jar of green glitter (or...that's what it looks like LOL).


Jessie Keating said...

Ha! It's our Calming Jar. I shake it up so Eamon can calm down while the glitter settles. :O) Sometimes I look at it too. When I'm crazy.