Thursday, August 22, 2013

And Just Like That...


...My Baby is THREE!

You love Star Wars and Skylanders, just like your brother.  Actually, you love anything that your big "brudder" loves.

You desperately want to play with the big kids.

You still nap a lot, even though you'd like me to think you don't need to.

You seek approval from Mama and Daddy constantly, yet always want to "do it mine own self."

You love chocolate and "buh-niyah" (vanilla) frozen yogurt.

You eat raspberries and blackberries by the handful, but won't touch anything green.

You are so excited for preschool, and can't wait to show off your backpack and lunchbox.

You are quite grown up now, if you do say so yourself--and even though the times you willingly cuddle with me, hold my hand, and give me sloppy kisses are growing fewer and farther between, I know that you are still my baby.

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Leigh Walter said...

I love this - so very sweet!