Monday, September 16, 2013

Time is Going by Much Too Quickly

My oldest is seven.  In elementary school.  Making lasting memories and entering a completely new phase of his life in which I still figure prominently and in which he is beginning to become more and more independent.  It's new and scary and wonderful all at the same time.

Just a note here: today we celebrated our boy with his class at school--in Montessori schools they have a Birthday Circle and it's something I so love.  Last year and this year his teachers have made us so welcome, and it's really wonderful to see our child celebrated and made to feel special by his peers.  While we were there he showed us his locker and the name tag he made.  It has all of us, plus Skylanders and frozen yogurt.  You know, the necessities.

Eamon, this year you...

...are super into Skylanders, Pokemon, and Lego Ninjago.  We hear about them all the time.

...have (FINALLY) begun to eat more foods.  You have worked so hard in occupational therapy and have added spaghetti with marinara sauce, grilled cheese, and macaroni and cheese to your "foods that you willingly eat" list.  I am so proud of you!

...are so brave.  You went on the giant ferris wheel at the fair today and even though I was scared to death watching from the ground, you were so excited to go on a "big kid" ride with your daddy.  The expression on your face when you saw me in the crowd and rushed over to tell me about it was priceless.

...tell me constantly that you don't like your brother, or that he's annoying, yet I increasingly catch you helping him, or playing with him, and I love it.

...are learning to program your very first video game with your daddy.

...are a HUGE reader.  In Kindergarten they determined that you read at or above the sixth grade level. You read your dictionary and encyclopedias like novels.  You also tell me you like to start in the middle of the book "because it adds mystery."  You retain facts so well that your daddy and I have an inside joke--that we shouldn't really argue with you because you're probably right.  I'm excited to see you developing new interests and to see all your progress.

...are becoming very independent.  You wake up in the morning and begin to read, or get ready for school all by yourself.  You can find ways to entertain yourself during the day.  And you help me when I need it--sometimes without me even having to ask you.  I'm beginning to see how you'll be when you're all grown up, and I know that you'll be just as amazing then as you are now.

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CArRiE said...

I cried all the way through reading this, it touched my heart so.