Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath
Acrylic on canvas.  20" x 24"

Copyright 2015, Jessie Keating

I finished this painting recently.  It took awhile, even though I've had the idea for months (what started as a game between my eight year-old and I: he described some scenes that I sketched in my sketchbook.  Sometimes that's the best inspiration!)

I actually hate deep water.  I'm terrified of fish, and drowning.  I have incredible motion sickness.  Once, we went on a seven day cruise to Mexico.  We woke up to the sirens blaring and announcements that our last port call wasn't happening since we were in a hurricane and the captain was rushing us out of danger.  So.  Not planning on any cruises anytime soon.  Someday maybe.  But for now, I'm content to paint my nightmares.

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