Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things I'm Loving Right Now

(Inspired by this post.)

1. Toddler-speak: sausee (sausage,) ki-ee (kitty,) and my all time favorite: Mommy! spoken with such gusto it comes out in a yell! :O)

2. Trucks! Big Trucks! (Actually, that's what my son loves, but since he loves them, I love them.)

3. Apples for Jam. I LOVE this cookbook! I just got it and am loving it to death. Turkey breast with dried apricots and pancetta. Yum.

4. Fabric. I can't get enough!!! I want more!

5. Applique. I'm getting better!

6. Tote bags made from reclaimed fabric! They're awesome!

7. Handmade baby pants! Beep beep!

8. Sleeping babies! Shhh.

9. Playing in the sun!

10. The sun, and warmer days!

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