Monday, May 19, 2008


My son dropped a (very heavy) ball off the couch, and said, "boom." I'm constantly amazed at how much he has learned, and how much he repeats. Sometimes it reminds me that I need to watch what I say, or do. Ahem.

I'm very inspired by Soulemama's latest post (I think that's going to be a running theme for awhile!) Anyhow, she took an old comforter, and covered it with a new quilted duvet cover. I've been thinking for awhile now that I would like new bed linens, and I think this might have made me (jealous) inspired enough to make my own. Especially since we have a king size bed and let me tell you, those linens are NOT cheap!

Saturday I went to a fabric swap in Lexington, and it was great! It was put on by the Lexington Needle Arts Guild. I came home with two full bags of fabric and trim! Yey for free!

Tomorrow I get to work from home, since the neighbors of the people I nanny for are having a giant tree removed, and it will be very noisy and disruptive. So I plan to bake cookies with the kids, and have found this recipe to try. I'll post our results tomorrow!

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