Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Elephants Plus More

Yep, here's a picture!

An action shot, really. Little man was having too much fun to sit still for one second so I could take a decent picture, so all seven pictures look somewhat like this. This was the least blurry of them all. Yeah, I take great pictures, I know it. The orange cord is from Fabric Place, and the elephants are from Superbuzzy.

Today is Storytime and Farmer's Market Day! Woohoo! It's darn rainy though, so I have permission to drive there. So that's good, at least. I wonder if any berries are in season yet? Strawberries maybe? Well, we'll definitely be able to get some salad greens, which I can supplement with my own greens from my little tiny garden. I have things growing! Yey! And I saw two--count them two!--flowers on my strawberry plants. So strawberries soon! I wonder if I'll have enough to make a few jars of jam? I made jam over the weekend, but I've never done it before so it came out a bit runny. But Bug likes it, and so does Bug II, given that she ate half of my muffin this morning. :O)

That was a terrible paragraph. Can you say ramble? Delete delete delete? No, I'll leave it.

I need to do a shop update soon. I'm feeling a bit, oh, what's the word, shamed? by my fellow Etsians...their work is so beautiful, and quite fresh, and mine is looking a bit stale to me. So it's off to the chopping block for some things. Some things can stay for now, I think.

I need to ship a few packages today...

I'm putting in an application (with a friend) for a booth at a local show in September. It's supposed to be very large, so it will motivate me to get a lot of inventory done quickly. Cross your fingers that we get in. She does jewelry, and given that the market is saturated, we may not get in based on that. I'm also looking into a weekly open air market for the summer, for just a few weekends, but I'm not sure I can get enough inventory done for that...we'll see. I want to go check it out this Sunday and see if it's worth it. I really miss doing the fairs like I used to do in Seattle.

More random rambling: Anthropologie has these cute glasses in the store, but for the life of me I can't find them online. It's driving me crazy. Because they were in the regular display, not clearanced, or anything, so they should still be on the site. But they're not. And I really like them, but since I just bought a few new glasses, Jes might kill me if I buy a few more. Especially since he hasn't forgiven me for getting rid of his plain glasses and replacing them with "girly" glasses. You know, the kind with something pretty etched on the side. The kind of glass that I of course would love, and he would hate. The kind that he kind of looks funny using...because he's a large, hairy man, using this tiny delicate glass...anyway, I digress. I want to find these glasses. They're a bit more substantial (although they still have cute little designs on them...and I imagine if they're not on the anthro site anymore they're clearanced by now.) I see new glasses in my future?

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