Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pants! (Oops, no picture!)

So last night I made Bug the coolest pair of orange corduroy pants, complete with elephant cuffs and pockets. (Jes says they're clown pants.) (But what does he know anyway?) But then Summer arrived--it's supposed to be 80 degrees today. I swear, it went from Winter, to SprummerFall (the kind of weather that can't figure out what it is--name courtesy of a friend (have to give credit where credit's due,) to Summer in about one month. But I suppose that's typical New England weather. So we have to put the orange pants in the drawer for awhile, to wait for cooler weather. And by awhile I mean tomorrow--we're supposed to have T-storms.

I also have a bag (for myself) (yup, I'm selfish) in my head. A band across the top, with a pleated, well, bag underneath. And shorter straps. Or maybe longer, because I can't stand bags that I can't sling across my shoulders. And big enough to carry diapers and various accoutrements. (Yup, I just said accoutrements. And I didn't use the spellchecker!) We'll see how it turns out. Will I make it work, and end up with a zillion sold from my shop? Ha! We'll see.

Let's see--yesterday we went downtown. We had a picnic in the Commons, which Bug II slept through, then we went to Winmil Fabrics for some 1/2" elastic and to check out all the fun cottons (!) and other things I can't afford, and then we walked (a lot) and ended up in Borders, where Bug promptly fell asleep and Bug II and I spent some time playing and reading books in the children's section, dreaming up and adding to our wishlist. It's about a mile long. We also wandered over to the sewing section, but they didn't have Pretty Little Patchwork, which I really want to look at, but that was OK, I suppose. I think Porter Square Books has a copy I can look at, maybe today after naptime.

Today I have a steering committee meeting, so no sewing/crafting for me, but maybe tomorrow I'll have a chance to try to get that bag realized. I hadn't had a chance to make anything over the weekend, since I had to bake for my friend's birthday party (Black Forest Cake--could have done without the cherry alcohol, but OK just the same) and attend the party (fun!) and I spent Sunday cleaning my house (it needed it!) So anyway, I desperately needed to DO SOMETHING with my hands. So that's why I made the pants for Bug. They're quick, and simple, and give me a sense of accomplishment. Does anyone else ever get that itch? I suppose it's the same for Jes and his programming, when I can hardly tear him away from his computer to eat, or give Bug a bath, or whatever the case may be. Sometimes I think I'm addicted to my sewing--I actually feel a bit angry when I have to clear the table (my workspace) so we can EAT DINNER. Is this normal?? Do I need help?? :O) Maybe I should go sew something and ponder it some more.

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