Monday, June 30, 2008

Monadnaynay, the beach, and a shop update (oh my!)

Whew--three day weekends: they're long! But we did a lot, and for that I'm grateful.

Saturday was spent at the beach, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (rubbed in the sand a bit first,) and drinking monadnaynay (lemonade.) Oh, and chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream. (Why do so many of our memories revolve around food?) It was a slightly chilly day, so no swimming (not that I swim in open water) but we put our toes in the ocean, and Bug tried to run into the water. After I "rescued" him (ha ha) we went back up to dig in the sand with his "spoon" and "fork" (shovel and rake.) After that he went "wunning" on the beach. Not bad for our first beach trip of the year! :O)

Sunday I was able to spend some time finishing up some projects, and updating the shop a little. I've reorganized my sections, as well as added some new items. I hope you like them!

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