Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hail? In July?

I heart New England weather! It's so strange to go out in the morning while it's blazing hot, the sun is (sort of) shining, and it's so darn muggy. And then 20 minutes later it's hailing, driving rain, there's thunder and lightning, and the wind's howling. And half an hour after that all's quiet and you can hear the thunder quietly rumbling in the distance. My gosh, I don't think I'll ever get used to it! But last night, as I drove home from my steering committee meeting, I was going toward a storm, and every few seconds the sky would light up with lightning, and the sky would rumble. The wind was blowing, but it was hot and muggy, and not quite dark where I was, and it wasn't raining yet. It was very wild and beautiful. It's a sharp contrast to the thunderstorms I remember from my youth, where you could actually see the lightning trace a path across the sky. I haven't actually seen that around here, but then again, I haven't ventured out much in the rain with the little Bug.

My little nephew is being born, right now, as I type. He's being lifted out via emergency C-section, since he is breech. Send happy thoughts!

In crafty news, I've started knitting a bit--some cuffs. I was a little inspired by Enhabiten's Etsy shop, particularly her cuffs and bracelets. I'm not generally a big bracelet wearer, but in the winter I get very cold, so what better than a little wrist scarf? :O) Anyway, the first finished item that I actually feel proud of is in the shop. I'm also working on one right now, very similar to Enhabiten's Fringe cuff, but obviously for me!

This weekend will hopefully see two finished capes for the kidlets. They've recently been very into wearing their towels and blankets around the house, draped over their shoulders and heads, so I think it's time they become super heros, and have their very own capes. I have most of the materials I need at home, and a quick trip to JoAnn's yesterday proved fruitful with $2.99 cotton to fill in the rest. So for about $6, plus fabric and felt I had on hand already, I hope to get two complete projects. We'll see.

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