Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keeping it Real

City in the Reflection
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This picture has nothing to do with this post, other than I will always consider Seattle my "real" home.

I thought I'd take a moment, in the same vein as Kerri and Heather, to tell a bit about myself...especially since I'm spending a weekend with them later this month. :O)

The Basics:

I was born in eastern Washington. I have seven brothers and sisters, none of which are fully biologically related to me. And we're from two different households, which is sometimes confusing when I'm talking to my husband about my sister for example, and I have to clarify which one. Or when I'm telling friends and I have to draw a map so they "get" how I'm related to whom, or how I can claim to be the oldest as well as a middle child. And I have two moms and two dads, which is of course confusing when I say things like "my mom did this," or "my dad does that..." Um, which mom? Which dad? But whatever, it all works out for me, I suppose. And for Eamon--lots of aunties and uncles and grandparents!

My dad has worked for Hanford since before I was born. So did my grandpa. In fact, most of my family who still lives in the Tri-Cities either works there, or their spouse or brother or mother's uncle works there. Anyway, I once took a course in college (Native American Literature) and I remember one day getting into a heated argument because I happened to mention that my grandpa worked on a very big bomb that may or may not have been know? And the entire class turned on ME, like I, or my grandpa, had any clue what was going on when he was a worked bee. Apparently Hanford is a hot topic at UW.

I'm of the very noble Heinz 57 descent...I believe there are 12 different ethnicities that I can trace back a few hundred years...Dutch, Welsh, British, Polish, German, Chickasaw Indian, and a few more which are of course slipping my mind. But if you look at me, you see just a very pale, plain caucasian girl. It used to bother me, which I think was the main catalyst for me learning Spanish and spending a quarter in Mexico--I really wanted my own culture, since we don't really have any ethnic traditions. I've since realized that we make our own traditions, and what I grew up with *is* my culture.

I've been married for 7 years, and with the same person for 12. We've been together since he was 16 and I was 15, and yes, he was a football player and I was a cheerleader, so go, talk amongst yourselves...ok, done laughing now? Oh, and we have the same first name. *Sigh* Done laughing yet? Moving on...

I have one child, a boy, who is a very sweet 3 years old. He has Sensory Processing Disorder, which we are currently in therapy for and trying to learn to cope with. All of us--it can be hard at times. But other than that he's a very bright, sweet, good-natured kid, what I imagine any parent would want for their first child. Eamon was a twin. My other son's name is Tristan Elijah. I tell Eamon about him all the time so I don't forget. I'm also pregnant, with one little one on the way. Due in August. Life is going to be very different, I'm sure.

There's always some drama or another in a large family. I won't go into details, because I'm sure no one wants their lives splashed about to my little readership. BUT, I will say that right now is a time of beginnings as well as endings. I'm happy for some people, worried about others, and generally see what happens.

I've surrounded myself with very good friends. We laugh together, cry together, and generally raise our children together.

I consider myself to have two "homes" one is where we live (let's just call it Washington state, since we're really from eastern, western, and central Washington) and one is where we lived (Boston.)

I used to be smart (no, really, before I had kids I used to do lots of smart things...) I graduated from high school, and the next week graduated from the junior college (running start.) I have a bachelor's degree. I've read loads of books, won lots of spelling and geography bees, earned books full of certificates, had titles such as "Foreign Language Student of the Year," "Liberal Arts Student of the Year," and "Visual Arts Student of the Year," exhibited in a few art shows, owned two businesses, been a manager, supervisor, crew chief, etc. Now, I'm "just" a mom with a small business who happens to practice as a doula, and I'm pretty sure I'm the happiest I've ever been, even if I don't feel as "smart."

Fun Facts:

I'm terrified of the dark. Like freeze in one spot, don't move until someone comes to get me or I have to move so the monster doesn't eat me.

My husband has banned me from watching any scary movies. It's just not allowed.

I occasionally have nightmares so bad I wake up screaming. Like a child.

I'm highly emotional, even when I'm not pregnant.

I used to be a nanny. And I loved it!

I want to travel everywhere, but am really scared of flying. Sweaty, puking, shaking, terrified.

I like to knit, sew, draw, paint, read, and do generally nerdy things.

My husband plays video games all the time. I generally make fun of him, but truth be told there was a point in time when I was ADDICTED to Animal Crossing.

I love chocolate pudding, cake, and ice cream, but generally do not like pie.

I like working in my garden. I even keep a journal for it. Geeking out, I'm sure.

I have a pug and two cats. Nibbler, Pecan, and Cashew.

I used to have a goldfish named Sushi and a snail named Escargot. But it was so hot in Boston that apparently fish tanks will cook fish and snails if you leave them in a sunny window. Just sayin'.

I'm pretty much a furby. I've had many classic sayings from this little trait of mine over the years: peachy keen, dude, wicked awesome, sweet, oh snap, your face, etc. It annoys my husband to no end. I also pick up accents. For example, I've never actually lived in Minnesota, but when I visit my family out there I inevitably come back with an accent. When I lived in Mexico, my roommate was from Minnesota. So I came home from Mexico with a Minnesota accent. "Is that your buddy in the chipper there?"

I can't, can't, can't identify a movie, book, or song. If something comes on the radio, even if it's my favorite song, 9 times out of 10 I can't tell you who sings it. Or when watching movies I can't identify the actor (unless, of course it's somebody REALLY famous, like Robert Pattinson...)

I'm a total twi-dork. I love love loved the books and movies. I'm spending a weekend with a bunch of lovely girls in Port Angeles for a Twilight sewing weekend. Laugh if you want, but I will have a good time.

I just asked my husband if I have any quirks. He said, "dear god, honey, you are a quirk."

And now I have to go pick up the kidlet from preschool. It's been a very quiet hour and a half, back to being "just" a mom now! (And I wouldn't have it any other way!)

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Sewing Geek said...

Hi Jessie, love your post! I'm catching up on all these 'keeping it real' posts, I finally feel like I'm getting to know some of you! I was supposed to go on the Twilight weekend, grrrrr. I have to say, I'm thinking of abandoning my life and just leaving to join you all! I have this awful responsible gene that gets in the way. Thanks for sharing!