Sunday, January 11, 2015

FO: Superhero Robe and Hoot Sweater

For Christmas this year I made my niece and nephew a couple of presents.  My nephew is really into superheroes, so of course when I found some fleece full of them I had to make him something.  Bathrobes are simple (I made three this month.  I know.)  So, a bathrobe it was!  It's a Simplicity pattern (6847.)  This one is a size 5.

My niece needed something as well, and I love the Hoot pattern!  The owls are adorable, and the purple yarn is squishy and nice (it's a super wash acrylic since my sister likes to felt the things I make out of nice wool...ahem.)  It took a few hours (5-ish, I think.)  It's a very simple pattern, well-written with a few cables.  Nothing complicated.  I will say though that the proportions of the overall pattern seem a little off.  It's short in the body compared to the width.  I made a size 6 months, so it won't fit my niece for awhile yet.

I didn't make a ton of things for Christmas, but the few things I did make were fun and well-loved!  I also made my boys robes, which of course they haven't allowed me to take decent pictures of yet.  Hopefully soon so I can share!

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