Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Hot Here!

It's been in the upper 90's, with high humidity. The kind of humidity that leaves you soaked in a matter of minutes. So the kids and I spent the morning and early afternoon at the spray park, trying to keep cool. They had a blast! Upon returning home, I put them down for naps in air conditioned rooms, only to have them wake up an hour and a half later when the power went out. Ugh! So I spent the last half of the afternoon with no air conditioning, in the sweltering heat, trying to entertain two toddlers who didn't want to do anything but complain about the heat. Needless to say I was very happy to escape to knitting group at the air conditioned Starbucks tonight!

Despite the heat, I've managed to keep on crafting, which is fantastic in my book. Not a whole lot for the store, but some stuff for myself and family. My brother is expecting a new little one any day now, so I need to finish the baby gift I started in January. Yep, I said January. I've managed to lose track of time. Again. I'm cool like that. It's really a talent I have. Right up there with losing my coffee cup in the morning and finding it three hours later, full of milky, cold coffee. Really great.

Ugh, I have baby fever! Did you see the post from SouleMama? She's expecting, and the post she left to announce it is adorable! My boss is also expecting, and just started to show, and I know a few other people who have had babies recently, so I'm around babies and pregnant women a lot. Plus, my own little Bug is about to turn two years old (eep!) Sadly, though, I have to wait awhile. The finances are not in line yet, especially given that the 3 year ARM on our house is going to expire in a year. So I have to work for now. I suppose as a consolation I will get to be around a tiny newborn for 45 hours a week starting in December, so that will help. :O)

Tomorrow is Farmer's Market day! Yey! We made it through most of our veggies and fresh bread, but unfortunately this past week we've eaten out a bit more than usual. It's been hot, remember? Funny enough, I actually cooked dinner tonight--baked chicken, roasted baby turnips, and sauteed turnip greens, but then left for knitting group before the chicken and turnips were done. So I had turnip greens and coffee cake for dinner. Which was not half bad! Especially when you add in the mocha! Oh, and I picked up some (light) Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, but that's not for tonight.

For Father's Day, we're going to New Hampshire, to the Conway Scenic Railroad. We're taking the valley train to Bartlett. Bug is going to absolutely FLIP when he sees all the trains, which are his current obsession.

Here's hoping we get the thunderstorm tonight to break the heatwave!

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